Main Track – Session 1


Giuseppe Petrosino and Federico Bergenti
An Introduction to the Major Features of a Scripting Language for JADE Agents

Stefania Costantini, Andrea Formisano and Valentina Pitoni
Timed Memory in Resource-Bounded Agents

Giorgio Leonardi, Manuel Striani, Silvana Quaglini, Anna Cavallini and Stefania Montani
From semantically abstracted traces to process mining and process model comparison

Pierangela Bruno, Paolo Zaffino, Salvatore Scaramuzzino, Salvatore De Rosa, Ciro Indolfi, Francesco Calimeri and Maria Francesca Spadea
Using CNNs for Designing and Implementing an Automatic Vascular Segmentation Method of Biomedical Images

Luca Crociani, Andrea Gorrini, Giuseppe Vizzari and Stefania Bandini
Identification and Characterization of Lanes in Pedestrian Flows through a Clustering Approach

Greta Adamo, Stefano Borgo, Chiara Di Francescomarino, Nicola Guarino and Chiara Ghidini
On the notion of goal in business process models

Daniele Porello and Giancarlo Guizzardi
Towards an ontological modelling of preference relations

Antonio Lieto and Gian Luca Pozzato
Creative Concept Generation by Combining Description Logic of Typicality, Probabilities and Cognitive Heuristics

Lucas Rizzo, Ljiljana Majnaric and Luca Longo
A comparative study of non-monotonic fuzzy logic and argumentation theory for elderly survival prediction using biomarkers

Andrea Pazienza and Stefano Ferilli
Exploring Abstract Argumentation-based Approaches to Tackle Inconsistent Observations in Inductive Logic Programming

Arnaud Nguembang Fadja, Fabrizio Riguzzi and Evelina Lamma
Expectation Maximization in Deep Probabilistic Logic Programming

Valerio Belli, Gabriele Di Bari, Marco Baioletti and Valentina Poggioni
Neural Random Access Machines Optimized by Differential Evolution

Danilo Croce, Alexandra Zelenanska and Roberto Basili
Neural Learning for Question Answering in Italian

Patrizio Bellan and Carlo Strapparava
Detecting Inappropriate Comments to News

Gabriele Bazzotti, Alfonso Emilio Gerevini, Nir Lipovetzky, Francesco Percassi, Alessandro Saetti and Ivan Serina
Iterative Width Search for Multi Agent Privacy-preserving Planning

Carmine Dodaro, Giuseppe Galatà, Marco Maratea and Ivan Porro
Operating Room Scheduling via Answer Set Programming

Francesco Barile, Judith Masthoff and Silvia Rossi
Modeling the Changing of the Individual Satisfaction in a Group Context: a Study on Two Sized Groups

Mauro Dragoni
Learning Fuzzy User Models For News Recommender Systems

Ludovik Coba, Panagiotis Symeonidis and Markus Zanker
Novelty-aware Matrix Factorization